Reekado Banks Drops New Video “Blessings On Me”

Nigerian singer Reekado Banks releases new song titled “Blessings on me”, as he brings a unique sound to the entire track with the combination of both English and Yoruba languages.

A few weeks ago, Reekado Banks dropped “Blessings On Me”, a song celebrating how far he’s come in his career. Shortly after, he announced that he had been working on a short film with the same title. Now, he’s released both the short film and the music video for the song.

The 10-minute long short film follows the life of a young boy. With humble beginnings and a family that couldn’t afford much, his mother helped him hone his football skills, which led to him getting scouted by a professional team.

This discovery lifts him and his family into a different tax bracket, and his life is turned around. The end of the short comes with an unexpected plot twist, which we won’t spoil for you, so make sure you watch it until the end.

Blessings On Me is a heartwarming rags-to-riches story, and while the acting and storytelling could have been a lot better, it’s not terrible for a first attempt. We’re always impressed by Reekado Banks, and we are definitely rooting for him as he ventures into the film world.

Watch visuals for “Blessings On Me” by Reekado Banks below:




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